Thursday, 7 July 2011

A selection of lithographs from the Tragic Ingumu Massacre.

Wagons to the rear

I think the scout has located those Zulus Sir!

Imminent disaster

Welcoming commitee

Relief column on the march

'ere they come again lads

Care for a taste of Sheffield steel? would be fair to say things dont look to be going quite to plan Old Boy!

Sound the recall...NOW!!!

F'gawdsake dont show your backs to them lads!!

Lieutenant Fortesque Cutler...renowned scout
Whilst on leave from active duty I was rummaging about in the attic at Ogilvie Manor when I stumbled upon a packet of lithographs from my time in Zulu Land, principally the ill fated Ingumu Relief Column in which I played a minor part as a 'wet behind the ears' subaltern.
Regretably our column arrived too late to play an active role and well I remember the feeling of sorrow and revulsion when we alighted upon that dreadful scene of slaughter.  I thought I might share some of the less gruesome images with long as I can master this blasted blog, heliograph, semaphore thingy... it was never this difficult with courier pigeons, though I must confess a great deal messier. You know they never could get the stains of the Colonels best dress tunic....


  1. You are really getting into this blog thing. Good on ya mate.

  2. By Jove..what a difference using Firefox makes. Thanks for the good advice, now all I have to figure out is how to post my narratives.