Saturday, 23 February 2013

Goodbye to some old friends

I've been doing a bit of rationalising of my wargames arsenal lately and the time has come to have a clear out of stuff that hasn't seen the light of day for a looong time.
I've made a decision to concentrate solely on 28mm or bigger figures, mainly because of the vast range and ease of painting compared to their more diminutive cousins. As I get older those 15 and 20mm figures just seem to get smaller.
Sadly I've had to part with some old friends in the form of my 1/72nd scale WW2 odds 'n' ends.
It's a pretty random mix of whatever kits or figures took my fancy at the time and is loosely based for gaming Rapid Fire. At the time we were rather taken with these rules and my Shermans and Churchills and their 'P.B.I' mates bore the brunt of many a fierce encounter in all sorts of engagements from Beach landings, break-outs, bocage busting and cat & mouse tussles with the Wehrmacht's Panzer's in countless bombed out villages.

The rules are fairly straight forward and the games were always great fun and hark back to the nostalgic days of Charles Grant's 'Battlegames'. The new 'Bolt Action' rules appeal to me now because the games can be fought on a dinner table and the out-lay in figures is relatively small plus the games look superb in 28mm.

However I couldn't let my battle seasoned 20mm veterans pass into oblivion without sharing a few pics of some of their heroic exploits. Exit to the inspiring strains of Vera Lynn singing "We'll meet again....."

In no particular order: