Saturday, 1 September 2012

Coming to a beach near you...VIKINGS!

I've taken a break from painting Samurai to try my hand at some Dark Ages figures.

Compared to Samurai these were a doddle, especially when so much of the kit is mail, armour or leather. I've even painted the eyes on these little blighters which is usually something I run a mile from as the thought of cocking up a perfectly good face with goggle eyes is too much to bear.
I must admit some of these Vikings have the 'thousand yard stare' but Im attributing that to the light of battle glowing in their eyes rather than any lack of painting skill on my part.

Now theyre finished I'm quite chuffed with them so Ive posted an order to Gripping Beast for some more plus a Viking longboat. One the lads has the bright idea of staging a Campiagn using Saga Rules to fight the tabletop engagements....should be good fun.