Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Smooth & Rifled ACW figures

I managed to purchase a number of boxes of 54mm scale ACW figures (Armies in Plastic and Call to Arms) recently at bargain basement prices. I've long had a fascination for larger scale figures and have often toyed with the idea of gaming with them.
I went on the hunt for a suitable set of skirmish rules and came upon Smooth & rifled which look like they may be the ticket but until I have some figs and scenery I cant comment on them till theyve been playtested...more to follow.

It's always a chore having to paint both sides of a conflict so I hit on a cunning plan. My good mate Rodgerof Rebel Barracks fame is a real ACW Confedertae fan and a sucker for nice figures, the plastic soldier type of course. All I had to do was give him a peek at the figs and some subtle encouragement and in no time he was walking out the door with a box of Confederate infantry and plans to get stuck into painting. To my delight he set to with a will and has already completed around twenty figs ready for action.
This put the ball squarely in my court to get my troops painted and based.

I present my first 54mm ACW figures.

The figures are fun to paint but I found the flag a cast iron bitch to do and frankly I'm not overly proud of the finished article...the stars look wrong and the stripes are a bit wavy but it'll do I guess.

Now let battle commence.

Oh BTW the picture in the background was taken by my intrepeid mate Rodger on a trip he made to Gettysburg last year.