Monday, 31 December 2012

Cross's Brigade,Union 2nd corps

At last, the first painted figures from my new painting room. These represent my first unit of Union troops painted in readiness for the Gettysburg Refight this July.
They represent troops from Cross's Brigade, 1st Div, 2nd Corps, Army of the Potomac.

"Pour it into them boys!"

"Get some Reb!"

 The figures, as most of you have probably recognized are Dixon 28mm. I have to admit I thought they looked a bit gnomish and porky when I undercoted them but as the colours went on and they finally appeared fully dressed and ready for action I was delighted with them. The deeply etched creases and details make painting a joy and in fact this unit was completed over four painting evenings from go to whoa...shows you how much fun I was having. Some of the faces are, shall we say, a bit odd and I cant help thinking they may have doubled as extras in a Lord of the Rings trilogy in a previous life?

They still require the bases to be textured and drybrushed but I couldn't wait to snap off a few pics.
So therefore... I cheated.
I've never photographed my models outdoors before and I have to say I'm fairly happy with the result, so much so that you can expect similar treatment of upcoming units in the future.
Actually this whole outdoor thing set me to thinking about the possibilities of outdoor wargaming as a viable option during the summer months. Imagine the grand scope of such battles....bold out-flanking route marches, cavalry scouting operations and dashing charges, Railways, troops actually embracing the use of roads cause if they dont you wont get there firstest with the mostest. And then there is of course the vagaries of weather to be considered. I have visions of middle aged men on hands and knees with sou westers and oilskins toiling away in the mud trying to get their troops marshalled into winter quarters. FANTASTIC!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Wargamer in Exile.... happiness is a painting room.

Sadly I bring you tragic news of the recent surrender of my beloved wargames room, also known as 'The Redwood Redoubt', (Regional H.Q, Southern Strategists), to the Evil Army of Occupation otherwise known as my eldest daughter.
After a brief sojourn flatting said daughter has conducted a stealthy and insidious campaign to win over the heart and mind of her dear mother to the need to take up residence in my sanctum sanctorum.
Needless to say I fought doggedly against this dastardly Alliance but the writing was on the wall....resistance is futile, surrender now and full conjugal rights will be restored by she who must be's a no-brainer innit!
My fellow gamers and Comrades in Arms would be reduced to tears if they could see the sorry state The Redoubt has been reduced to...soothing neutral colour scheme, tasteful curtains, plush carpet, feature lighting, heating, a shower!...not a beer or pizza stain to be seen...Horrid!

Fortunately as the major breadwinner I was able to bring to bear the full power of my negotiating skills to the surrender table and I have secured the somewhat under utilized territory of the study as my new painting room....Yes I hear you say.... a piffling consolation prize compared to the splendour to which I was accustomed  but when one is outnumbered three to one it behoves one to be grateful for small mercies. I like to think of it not so much as the new painting room as the 'Wargamer in Exiles Lair'.

Wargamer in Exiles Lair

Wargamer in Exile. Why am I smiling??

Anyway not being one to dwell on past defeats I have vowed to make the best of my somewhat constrained new environment and have even begun work on my first unit of Union troops, Cross's Brigade, 1st Div, 2nd Corps for the upcoming Gettysburg refight next July. The figures are old Dixon figs I bought years ago. I still have enough for another couple of brigades. Compared to the more anatomicly correct Perry or Foundry offerings these figure look somewhat troll-like in appearance but
they have certain charm. Hopefully my painting can bring them to life.
I've quietly been salting away Perry Union figures including my favourite Union commander, Major General Winfield S Hancock. I'll keep you posted on progress.

Preliminary stages of Cross's Brigade

A big thank you to all those who are kind enough to take the time to peruse my oft times erratic and rambling blogs and even better, comment. Please don't be offended if I dont always respond in kind its just simply that I struggle to do justice to painting, gaming, motorcycling, drinking, blogging and work and life commitments. My New Year's resolution in advance is to give up the work and life commitments and concentrate on the aforementioned five items!

I'd like to wish a Merry Xmas and a peaceful New Year to all members and their families of the modelling/wargaming brother and sisterhood, whoever and wherever you may be and in the words of the great Irish comedien, Dave Allen, may your God go with you.