Monday, 25 July 2011

The Quest for the Emerald Orb

 The scene is set for another thrilling episode of Rip-Snorting Adventures. Watch this space for more images of the Conundrum in the Congo also known as 'The Quest for the Emerald Orb'
Stay tuned to see how our intrepid explorers fare in the steaming jungles and swamps of the Belgian Congo.

Will the Baron beat Sir Percival to the prize or will the cannibalistic Snoozemuluzem tribe thwart all their plans?


  1. Looks excellent already! What rules will you be using?

  2. We'll be using 'Rugged Adventures' with a few embellishments thrown in to spice things up a bit. The rules are available as a free download on the Pulp Figures website. We gave them a trial run the other night and are quite taken with them. The Lads are chomping at the bit to give them a proper go tomorrow night so look out for the inevitable Battle Report.