Sunday, 10 July 2011

The East Surrey Regt on active service

Bugler sound the Call to Arms
Forlorn Hope

Make every shot count lads

Sepoys provide covering fire from the ramparts.

Native skirmishers

Dervish with their blood up


Bring up the Gatling gun...NOW!!
A selection of prints of my Lads, the East Surreys in action on the frontier.
My decision to lead an advance party to meet the natives head on before they reached the fort paid off fortunately.
Our staunch lads never wavered and once we brought the Gatling into play the fight soon went out of the Natives.
Colonial weapons of mass destruction...The Persuader!
Just another day in the life of a front line officer.


  1. That showed the bally fuzzy-wuzzys, eh what? Great story telliing with lovely figures!

  2. Yes By Jove! it was touch and go for a while but Brit pluck and a couple of drums from 'The Persuader' soon made them see sense!
    The Lads will be chuffed with your kind words re their smart turn-out..we do try to look our best at all times...good for morale.

  3. Nice stuff. Love those boys in the red jackets. Ever since seeing 'Zulu" I wanted to get some... Which manufacturer are they?

  4. Looking good my friend. You are clearly not getting much painting done.

  5. Hi Scott,
    Figures are from Redoubt. Ive got a mix of Old Glory, Castaway Arts and some new Plastic Perry Hadendowa on the way plus some Empress Maori. I cant resist a good Colonial figure and I'm already starting to get a backlog of undercoated figures lined up on the painting table clamouring for the attentions of my brush.

  6. Very nice, thanks for the reply. Its nice to know other people have a backlog of unpainted /undercoated figures too ;-) Keep up the good work.