Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Coming to a beach near you...VIKINGS!

Safe landing

Dont forget the buckets and spades

Welcoming committee

Funny way of saying "enjoy your stay"

Look!.. they're going to fetch firewood for us.

Once I've pruned this hedge your a bleedin goner sunshine

Daisy and Buttercup take a break from grazing to watch proceedings
Some holiday snaps the boys took while enjoying some R & R on the Costa del Anglia. Luv'ly scenery but we found the locals a bit surly.

Highlights from a recent 'Strandhogg' game that my fellow gamer and modeller extraordinaire Roger put on at the Southern Strategists HQ, also known as 'the Redoubt'. All credit for the terrain, buildings, fences, boat, and most of the figures goes to Roger. I will accept fullsome praise for my hand in the water effectsin which cellophane and flour played a predominant part. Look out for ther upcoming narrative on Rogers Blog, Rebel Barracks


  1. Nice pictures!

  2. Nice photos Gav, you have done well. We will have to have another game with them soon.

  3. Really good looking stuff. What did you use to make the fences? Is it real twigs or some kind of wire?

  4. Credit for most of the scenery including the fences must go to Roger Wood (Rebel Barracks) he used twigs for the upright posts and solder for the horizontal rails. Clever huh.

  5. Wow! This is quite spectacular. Love the whole look. Regards, Dean