Sunday, 16 October 2016

First Bolt Action Version 2 game

Having just finished some American Paras and US infantry it seemed a perfect opportunity to try them out against Dave's Late war Germans. A quick read of the new Bolt Action 2 rules and we were straight into it with numerous references to the rules to nut out the finer points. As usual with any first time trial of a new set of rules we failed to reach a conclusion and only got through four moves but even at this early stage it was becoming apparent that the Americas were heading for a hiding thanks to a reckless move with their Stuart which paid the price for getting too close to a panzerfaust and a succession of rubbish dice rolls. The Germans moved rapidly into the village to take up a strong defensive position with good fields of fire whilst the Americans struggled to make headway through the hedgerows. As soon as they emerged fom cover they were cut down by accurate enemy fire.The American Forward Observer repeatedly failed to zero the artllery in on target which didnt help matters.
Although we ran out of time we did get a good handle on the new rules and were particularly impressed with the new command rule "you men snap to attention" which allows your HQ command officer to draw up to  four additional command dice depending on rank when his dice is drawn. My first Lieutenant was allowed 2 dice and a command radius of 6" whilst a Major would be allowed 4 dice and a command radius of 12 inches.


  1. Sounds like an improvement over V1.

  2. All sounds very positive and lovely photographs too.

  3. Good stuff, I like the models and figures.

  4. Hey Ogilvie, Great looking figures, vehicles and terrain!

  5. Loving the 54mm's as I get older and the eyes start getting slightly worse I can see myself creeping up the scales.

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