Sunday, 3 July 2016

Normal wargaming has been resumed, the wargames room is back in business.

After an absence of nearly four years due to the eldest daughter inhabitating the wargames room I have finally returned to reclaim the Man Cave or as I like to call it, 'The Redoubt'.
Last Wednesday night saw the grand re-opening of the redoubt and what better way to mark this auspiciuos occassion than with a steampunk wargame. In honour of the occassion fellow Strategist Stacky, alias Major Sherlock-Brown and myself donned full military regalia.

To the Queen, Huzzah!

The game was played on my new 8' x 6' table in all its glory...size does matter.

The game was loosely based around my fictitious Voltavian Campaign which is less of a campaign than a collection of crazy ideas burbling away in the back recesses of my brain in which the forces of Britainia and Teutonia do battle for control of the Gallian Principality of Voltavia. At present both sides are heavily engaged in a game of attack and counter attack in and around the region of Anthracillia. For the purposes of this game it was an encounter battle to seize the town of Biltzen.


The forces were fairly evenly balanced with all arms represented on both sides. The rules used were FUBAR. To be honest we felt the rules struggle a bit with large forces and six players because, due to the activation rules, at any one time several players are standing around waiting for their chance to do something. If, like the poor Britainians on this night, you roll a succession of ones and twos for your activation rolls it's darn near impossible to achieve your objectives. The Teutonians and their Vostoyan Mercenary Allies on the other hand blissfully threw fives and sixes and quickly moved into the town to take up defensive positions in the deserted buildings. 

Vostroyan Mercenaries advance

Teutonian Sturm-Truppen Grenadiers

Teutonian steam walker firing in support, outskirts of Biltzen.

Accurate fire from their armour and the arc rifle armed Sturm Truppen grenadiers quickly put paid to most of the Britainians lightly armoured scout tanks. 

Wheres those bloody tanks!

Smoking Britainian armour

Royal Electric Artillery deploy thier Teasla Arc Cannon

Her Majesties 24th New Munster Steam Fusiliers

Gordon Highlanders return fire, suddenly minus armour support.

With no armour support the Britainian fusiliers could't make headway against the well dug in defenders without sustaining unacceptable losses. It soon became apparent that discretion would be the better part and a strategic withdrawal was ordered by turn 7.

Ah well at least they could take solace in a commemorative port. Three cheers for the Queen..Huzzah!

Kapitan Von Houston and Major Sherlock -Brown lock horns

Time for another port methinks, ah.. happiness is a wargames room

The Lads 'overjoyed' at the reopening of the Redoubt


  1. So British! Great looking game, beautiful pictures and minis!

  2. Replies
    1. Too right Ross. I'm a big fan of your blog. I've started collecting 54mm figures for gaming, mostly Armies in Plastic but a few Britains as well. Very impressed with your collection.

  3. Congratulations on repelling the off spring, 2 more years and I hope to reclaim the "Nerd Centre" as the kids call it. A little worried as the wife has her eye on a craft room.
    Great looking game pefect for the relaunch.

    1. Hopefully you can persuade your wife to see the error of her ways...craft room!

  4. A wonderful looking games room and always best when the formerly annexed territories are returned to their former owners!! Looks like a sensational night of fun gaming with friends.

    1. Yes fun is definately the most important ingredient in gaming.

  5. Good looking figures and terrain, terrific sounding game.
    FUBAR VSF rules rule (so to speak)...
    I suspect the British need to invest in some heavier steam vehicles!
    Oh and nothing beats a port or three after a game, top notch!

    1. We needed the port to drown our sorrows. Rest assured Britainian Heavy armour is on the way.

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