Sunday, 12 June 2016

Inspecting defences.

Major Sherlock Brown and myself have recently returned from an inspection of defences in the Otago Region of New Zealand. Fortunately we found time to sample the local fare and whisky and catch up with fellow Fusiliers.

A pair of Krupps, the guns of course!

An awfully big gun. 62 pdr from the Dunedin St Clair defences

Checking fall of shot

Majors Ogilvie and Brown 

After dinner pipe

The 24th New Munster Steam Fusiliers 

Mess Night.


  1. I say - what a jolly good day out....
    The 62 pdr sure is a beast.

  2. A spiffing parade, sir! Lots of lovely guns too, although the 64 pounder could use a lick of paint.

  3. Lovely stuff!
    Big guns and colourful uniforms what does anyone need!

  4. Thanks awfully chaps. I rather thought this would appeal to my kindred spirit Victoriana / steampunk brethren. Really enjoy following all of your blogs though alas Ive been a bit out of the blog scene for a bit. The good news is I have retaken posession of the wargames room or as I refer to it 'The Redoubt'so normal wargaming tranmission shall resume shortly.

  5. Check out fellow Fusilier Wayne Stack, alias Septimus Sherlock-Brown's blog 'Despatches from the Mess' blog for more detailed narrative of events.

  6. What a sensational post - big guns and big moustaches!! How have I missed this wonderful blog!!

    1. Glad to have you onboard. Love your 'With Pyjamas Through the Desert' Blog. I'm busy at the moment buying up Armies in Plastic, Sudan / Egypt 54mm sets for some skirmish-level Sudan gaming. Need to buy more paint!...these big chaps soak up a lot more paint than their diminutive 28mm cousins.

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