Sunday, 19 July 2015

Steampunk...what else?

Apologies for a rather prolonged absence since my last post, I've been somewhat distracted from gaming by a number of Steampunk events of late. The most notable of these was the Oamaru Steampunk festival in June and the Sirculating Soiree held at Avesbury House in Christchurch . Needless to say Yours Truly attended along with a number of my hand picked Ministry Agents and of course, the Memsahib.

But enough of such nonsense, time to get back to some proper wargaming. Fortunately I have still managed to beaver away on my steampunk forces and even managed a couple of smallish trial games using FUBAR. We're still getting to grips with how to achieve nicely balance games that don't favour one side too much as we've found that troops in the open get well and truly thumped so plenty of cover seems to be the ticket.

Rather than bore you with battle reports of trial games I thought I'd include a few pics of some selected highlights and follow up in a future post with an upcoming full dress game that I'm staging in a couple of weeks.

Some of the troops still require a bit of work on the bases but I hope to have this in hand in time for the Big Game.

Some of my favourite figures are the Ironclad Miniatures Grenadier Guards and Redoubts Brits in Home Service uniform. If the sight of these splendid chaps, resplendent in scarlet doesn't stir your blood I'm afraid you're beyond help.

No shows complete without the 'Baddies'. Northstar Miniature's Prussians in re-breathers and some Automata straight off the assembly line. What will those dastardly Prussians think up next??

"Toddle pip for now Old Things".


  1. Absolutely wonderful on all counts!

  2. A jolly good show all round. Delightful figures and scenery. FUBAR sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it.

  3. Great looking game. I've used FUBAR a bit with Star Wars games. The biggest problem we found was periods of extended failure to activate. You're right though, cover is important if you aren't offering up sacrificial units.

    1. Gawd! don't get me started about failure to activate, I am famous for rolling ones and twos so most of my army spends its time wondering what the hell happened to it as it sits motionless in a state of paralysis whilst they are shot to pieces by quick draw McGraw across the table.....Grrrr!!!