Saturday, 6 July 2013

Gettysburg Refight, Let the battle commence!

At last the great day is upon us.
Months of preparation and frantic painting and modelling have come together on the day to recreatre the epic event in 28mm. See Rodger Woods Blog, 'Harpers Weekly', for an depth narrative of the lead up and preparation of the table.

There is so much to absorb with a table this huge and over 4000 beautifully painted figures plus superb scenery so I will just post the selected highlights of Day Two, we omitted Day One to condense things a bit to ensure the battle could be fought to completion over a weekend.

 Look out for more pics of Day Three's action and a full battle report in the near future.

I cant wait for tomorrow.

Initial deployment

The calm before the storm

Moving up

Cemetery Ridge

Culps Hill

Hoods Texans

Birds Eye view

Hancock the Superb.

Reinforcements in March Column

Hot work at the Cemetery Gates


The Butchers Bill

Rebels assault Devil's Den

Limber up

Gorgeous Zouves

Looks like horsemeat for dinner again.

Here they come!