Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Valiant WW2 Germans ready for Bolt Action

I purchased a couple of boxes of Valiant Miniatures ages ago with the intention of using them for skirmish type games but, alas, a decent set of fast play, no note-keeping rules never eventuated and as as other projects took precedence they languished in the dark recesses of my 'future projects box' which, I might add, shares the same  qualities as the interior of the Tardis!

With the arrival of Warlord Game's 'Bolt Action' wargames rules my enthusiasm for WW2 was revitalised and after painting up a force of WW2 Japanese, see earlier blogs, I cast around for another force to have a crack at some European Theatre scenarios... I know I'll use those Valiant figs. Fortunately my mate Rodger had painted up some of their WW2 Brit infantry so I was doubly inspired.

Firstly I had to overcome the size issue. The Valiant figs are neither 20mm or 28mm, probably more like 25mm and they certainly dont work with either of thes scales. However after standing them next to a Dragon 1/72nd scale model tank I soon realised that actually they didnt look too odd after all. I'm not really a scale Nazi as long as things look about right.

Prior to painting you have to assemble the figs and what a pleasure it is to work on figs that:
1. Dont require the evil 'finger sticking together' Cynoacrylate type glues.
2. Can be cut with a modelling saw without clogging or friction burn.
3. Form a permanent bond when dry.
4. Look realistic and anatomically correctly proportioned.
5. Aren't carrying weaponry that looks like oversized howitzers.
6. Allows infinite variations and conversion prospects.
7. Provides heaps of spare bits and pieces for above mentioned conversions.

Anyway if you're anything like me you probably stopped reading this preamble about the point where I said "I purchased" and just want to look at some pics so here they are.

Painting German Camo
As this was my first foray into painting German camo the uniform purists will probably scoff at my efforts because the pea dot patterns are actually a mish mash of various designs that just took my fancy and looked about right from a distance, and I must say a dash of Vallejo German Bright Olive really lifts the figures. I did at least attempt to get the splinter pattern on the cape wearing figs as close as possible to the painting guides as this is one of the easier patterns.

It's funny how you notice little cock ups or missing items on your figs when they're photgraphed close up such as tufts of grass on the light machine gunners MG and the missing cap badge on the marching figures field cap...ah well we're only human.


  1. Splendid job Sir, great looking sculpts and poses on these.

  2. They look great Gav, you've done a crackin' job!

  3. Thank you gentlemen, high praise indeed from such as yourselves.

    My Bolt Action Imperial Japs had another skirmish with the Aussies last night somewhere in the jungles of New Guinea but alas the Aussies got the better of me this time thanks to some uncannily accurate mortar fire and dastardly employment of the Ambush rules!
    The more I play Bolt Action the more I'm liking them.

  4. Those look great. I too am a big fan of Valiant figures for WWII gaming.