Monday, 11 March 2013

Dystopian Prussian Legions

I've been a diehard Historical Gamer since my early Airfix battles on the lounge room floor, some forty years or so ago....Yikes!
 In all that time I have looked with amused contempt upon the Fantasists, Warhammerites, 40K'ers, Orc botherers short anyone who didn't fight 'Proper Wargames' other words a Wargame elitist snob of the most narrow-minded kind.
Thankfully the internet has changed all that for me. When I cast my eyes over the outstanding modelling and painting ability of so many of my fellow bloggers, many of whom fall into, or at least dabble in, the above mentioned 'Black Arts' I cant help but be impressed. In fact more than impressed, I'm becoming downright interested.
That said I'm not about to rush out and invest in the latest Games Workshop offering of the just released 'Zomboid Nurgelblaster' or 'Demon Spawn of the Three Titted Witch of the Dark Kingdom of Snizzlepoop'...that would be just silly...
However fellow Bloggers, I have been enticed to dip my toe in the uncertain waters of Steampunk by the release of Spartan Games Dystopian Legions, or more exactly the forces of Imperial Prussia. Actually I wanted the Brits, in keeping with my fondness for all thing Brittanic, and the fact that a chap can't help but look good in scarlet, alas my mate 'Tex' Houston beat me to punchline. Once he clapped eyes on those Sky Hussars I knew I was doomed.

It was only when the lovely parcel from Spartan Games arrived in the mail and the contents were revealed in all their magnificence that I realised I may have drawn the winning straw.

Let's face it who could resist the charm of Steam powered Teutonic Knights, Grenadiers in pickelhaubs and clad in Prussian blue and Mad scientists with gauntlets that fire bolts of lightning...the last word in Schloch Tactics!

Anyway.. enough preamble, just get the pics on and stop flappin' your jaws.

Oberst Werner Hahl and his tesla- mechanical arm

I painted these in the record time of one Sunday afternoon and an evening...actually it stretched way into the wee small hours of Monday morning...3.oo am to be precise. Oh well sleeping is boring. I still have the basing to finish then I can start on those Teutonic Knights and Professor Gustardt.


  1. WOW, you were clearly inspired to get that lot done in a day!
    I too looked at this Game, but have already gone down the Empire of the Dead route, but I may still check it out... You may be pleased to know your troops would also do perfectly for a Zenadarian Gentlemans club for EotD, so more bang for your buck!
    Carry on Mein Herr, carry on...

  2. One mans inspiration is another mans headlong descent into madness.

    My Dystopian figs are 32mm tall so they would clearly crush the diminutive 28mm small fry under their steel shod jackboots like ants HA HA first the garden then Europe!! Though I must say an evening at the Zendarian Gentlemans Club leaves me positivley aquiver with an-tissssipation.
    Love that skull and a more worth recipient I've yet to meet old thing.

  3. Cool aren't they? I have several Dystopian Wars fleets and am hooked on the game, but I have been able to desist buying Dystopian Legions stuff till now. I am looking forward to see your BatReps with them!