Sunday, 25 November 2012

Liebster Award bestowed.

The Liebster Award

Quite unexpectedly I find I am the recipient of The Liebster Award. Till now I was blissfully unaware said award existed, never the less, I am truly humbled that someone finds my efforts worthy of commendation. The bestower of this award is a fellow New Zealand gamer whose blog I have been following avidly for some time, Scott Bowman. Scott has a prolific output of quality work and a keen interest in a wide range of periods and genres. See my list of blogs I follow for Scott's Blog, 'ScottsWargaming'

Due to work and domestic commitments at present my beloved hobby has had to take a bit of a back seat as it were and I've had to swap my modelling brushes for the home decorating type...something I'm much less adept at, as the large amount of paint that manages to afix itself to me will attest!

When time permits I shall formulate a list of worthy recipients of the Liebster myself.

Thanks Scott.


  1. You are more than welcome Gav, richly deserved Sir!

    Oddly enough I have had the odd run in with the domestic paint roller too... for some inexplicable reason, because you can paint miniature figures, everyone thinks you'll be good with the roller! Sadly that thought could not be further from the truth! ;-)

    Best of luck with your endeavors and I wish you a speedy return to 'proper painting' ;-)

  2. Very many congratulations Sir, richly deserved.