Tuesday, 3 April 2012

German reinforcements arrive in Belgium

Another train load of troops have arrived at the Front to swell the numbers of my Airfix Huns.

What started out as a bit of a dabble with some cheap Aifix Germans has developed into a full blown obsession with all things early WW1. Mind you I've always had a hankering for this period after looking in wonder at marvellous pictures of charging Uhlans and staff officers in pickelhaubes in a book I borrowed from the library as a kid....name of said book escapes me.

I have been steadily buying an assortment of figures and kits and sifting through my mountain of plastic figures for anything that fits the period. Some Strelets ACW union officers are yet to appear disguised as French High Command and some currently unemplyed Italeri Foriegn Legion may soon find themselves in the firing line!

Nuff talk... just show the nice people the pics and stop babbling...


Top Brass



On Parade

Firing line

The latest additions to the ranks are Hussars by Strelets, Jager and Infantry by HAT and some Command figures care of the Dark Dream Studios WW1 Airmen set and good old Airfix.

I'm starting on Artillery next and hope to include a limber for every 2 guns. My beloved Uhlans are  prepped for undercoating and I'll need some marker figures such as prone (Pinned), wounded, entrenched and horse holders for the cavalry plus more infantry. That done I can then start on the French....sleep is over-rated you know!


  1. You sick man you!! How come you have painted more fig's in the past week or so than the past 2 years??? Excellent work on these dudes Gav. I don't see why you want me to base some for you either. Those bases are brilliant mate. Great work and great photos too.

  2. I just needed some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing again Rodg. Hey what are you doing up at this time anyway?

    Thanks Sander..it was your pics on the HAT website that helped inspire me. Love your conversions. Any ideas on how to do Early WW1 French Cavalry?

  3. Wow! That is a healthy obsession you are building there Sir and my word don't they look splendid! A wonderful project, very envious indeed.

  4. Very nice work. I like the map details on the staff table :-) What rules will you be using?

  5. Quick turn around :)
    Very nice job too.